Entirely manufactured from highest quality materials in a state-of-the-art European aerospace company.  The Astreea® pedal hand sanitizer requires no maintenance or electrical outlet.  Just push the foot pedal.  Hygienic, without any risk of contamination.


In the package you will get :  Assembled structure, 1 Empty bottle and pump, 1 Allen key, 3 Anti-theft screws, Documentation


Universal use - The provided empty recipients can be filled with any hand sanitizer (and you can use your own bottle type through the adjustable eight control feature).


Easy-Replace - With anti-theft screws, in one minute

Meter slot - To check the level of sanitizer in the sanitizer recipient

Entirely made of medical stainless steel.

  • Weather and time resistant. Rust-free.
  • Designed for heavy duty, intense use
  • Rubber and sealing protection.
  • Welded construction. No installation necessary unless bolted to the floor for outdoor use.


Astreea® Pedal Hand Sanitiser

SKU: astreea chrome
  • You can install it it anywhere (retail, shopping malls, banks, residential areas, office buildings, factories, hospitals and health centers, schools, fuel stations, gyms or outdoor in airports, bus stations or parks)

    Standing Height: 989.5mm / 38.88cm

    Capacity: 2 Litres 

    Foorprint: 295x295mm (11.61x11.61)


  • ASTREEA MODEL S (Suitable for age 4 - 11)

    Stainless Steel
    1 Liter recipient + pump
    Height: 742.5mm (29.23 in)
    Tube size: 104mm (4.09 in)
    Footprint: 295x295mm (11.61×11.61 in)



    Stainless Steel
    2 Liter recipient + pump
    Height: 987.5mm (38.87 in)
    Tube size: 114.3mm (4.49 in)
    Footprint: 295x295mm (11.61×11.61 in)