Cubby+ is the first and only FDA-cleared UV-C medical device.  

360 degree UVC disinfection for phones, tablets, name badges, pens, stethoscopes, keyboards etc.


Quick Clean Cycle Time: Approx. 15 Seconds

Deep Clean Cycle Time: Approx. 60 Seconds


Until now, there has not been a practical or economical option to sanitize small items like cell phones, keys, pens, name badges, stethoscopes, baby pacifiers, toys, etc. With the Cubby+, simply lay items on the transparent shelf and let bacteria-blasting light get to work. UV-C light is emitted from all directions kills greater than 99.99% of even the most problematic Hospital Aquired Infections (HAIs) in under 60 seconds. The Cubby+ destroys germs, bacteria and viruses at the molecular level. Patented dosimeter technology measures the UV-C level to ensure delivery of the precise amount of light required to destroy infectious agents.   Cubby+  is the first and only FDA-cleared UVC medical device.


Cubby+ UVC Decontamination Device - PRICE ON REQUEST

  • Device Size: 21in. Width X 12in. Depth X 4in Height

    Weight: 22.3lb Capacity: 18.9in Width X 9.9in Depth X 1.8in

    Height Maximum Item Height: 1.8in

    Shelf Extension: 6.0in

    Clear Shelf for 360 Cleaning

    AC Input: 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption When Running: 90W

    Quick Clean Cycle Time: Appx. 15 Seconds

    Deep Clean Cycle Time: Appx. 60Seconds