The Thermo Check Camera is a contactless and accurate method of temperature measurement, with facial recognition technology built in.  Wi-Fi capability allows seamless remote management in high traffic locations.


Within 2 seconds Thermo Check will read body temperature, and alert staff and customers should they have a high temperature. Thermal imagery captures different levels of infrared light, to quickly and accurately read temperature within 1.8 seconds and with a 0.3° margin of error.


This solution can also be used as a check in/out system for offices, warehouses and other secure locations, replacing the need for ID cards or manual registration. Should mask wearing be an entry requirement for your building, the system can be set to identify and alert if a mask is not being worn.

Thermo Check Camera

  • Temperature alarm

    Equipped with an optional abnormal temperature alarm. Adjustable alarm volumes will accomoate louder environments such as construction sites and factories.

    Works with protective masks

    Facial recognition technology can store a face library of up 30,000, for online and offline facial detection. Works on individuals both with and without a protective face mask over their mouths.

    Access control

    Sync the Thermo Check Camera with automatic doors, gates, and ticketing systems, to restrict and control entry access. This provides a cost efficient and reliable alternative to dedicated staff, and can integrate with staff clock in and clock out procedures.