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Air for Life Car Sanifier

Air for Life Car Sanifier

Cubby+ UVC Decontamination Device - PRICE ON REQUEST

Cubby+ UVC Decontamination Device - PRICE ON REQUEST


UVC technology takes off as the new way to disinfect.

CNET's Now What finds a tech once limited to hospitals and institutions is coming home.

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Air For Life is at Heart Life Croce Amica S.R.L

San Maurizio Canavese, Italy

Did you know that the AFL CAR Sanifier is present in Italian Ambulances ? This was done as an infection control solution for rapid sanitising in response to COVID19

Technology proves to be a breath of fresh air

NewsTechnology | October 1, 2020

Health technology company Air for Life (AFL) specialises in air purification systems that destroy 99.9% of pollutants.

The firm’s air purification consumer products are available worldwide and include the AFL Wall Mount Unit®,  the AFL Car Sanifier® and the AFL Mini Sanifier® together with AFL’s protective Face Mask.

We have had Air For Life install a unit in our Gym. The difference has already been noted by members. The best way I can put it is that the air feels (and smells) fresher!

Having read the science behind the unit it gives me, as a gym owner, the peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep the air clean and the risk of bacteria/viruses as low as possible.

Clean air = great workouts.

Thanks Air For Life.


Darnells Gym